My beginning as a legally recognized individual occurred on 29 July in a City called Hyderabad, located in the southern Part of India. Animation to me means, literally, to breathe life into something. A transformation is involved, what were still now moves. Here we explore its place in stimulating learning. I was an enthusiast for Animation from the day I dreamt to be a part of the great world of animations. I have read many books that stress the importance of understanding the values of animations, getting clear about what is most important in this particular filed. However, at the time of this writing, I find myself in a better place when I look back to the times I made a start building the dream of being a successful animator.


Animation sounds like a process of fun, but it is not simple as people think. It involves a lot of dedication and creativity, and with the combination of which you can make magic. I want to take this opportunity to thank my guru MR. David Byers Brown a Walt Disney animator, who blessed me a long way with the basic principles to the greatest tips and tricks, and carved the animator out of me. His teachings and ideas still creep in my mind when I am animating something and make my work look better. Nevertheless, I still want to get much deeper into this rich subject and connect it to reach my goal of being a successful animator.